Creators for Change: Baris Ozcan | SCARECROW Korkuluk Episode 3

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SCARECROW is a Mystery/Thriller Web Series
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Scarecrows are made for discourage and frighten birds away from crops. What if, our fears are our own scarecrows? Fears keep away humans from higher states of being. Who knows?

#CreatorsforChange ambassador Baris Ozcan believes that all themes of this initiative has shared roots: fear of the unknown. So as a change ambassador he produced a YouTube Web Series in scripted/fiction format. A mystery/thriller narrative show with 6 webisodes.

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New York homicide detective James D'Angelo discovers the connection between murders which seem ordinary and unrelated. Motive of those incidents are related with hate, race, sexual orientation, xenophobia and extremism. They all happened in haunted places at different periods of time. Investigation drags him into darkest corners of human nature. Haunted places -just like scarecrows- hide a bigger truth, beyond police work. The detective find himself as ‘a crow’ and figures out haunted places, hate, extreme thoughts and phobias are as scarecrows. Fear motivates people’s acts, we’re like crows. But who put these ‘scarecrows / scare-humans’ to our lives?

This project was made possible by the YouTube Creators for Change program. For more info go to
James M. D'Angelo ► Chuck McMahon
Barış ► Barış Özcan
Greg Sapolsky ► Andrew Matthews
John 'JD' Delowin ► Sebastien Louis
Homeless ► Wallace White
Transsexual Woman ► Kristen Parker
Vice President ► Steven Delcastro
Jamal ► Ali Naseer
Dawn ► Alexandra Hoover
Imam ► Yusef Oquendo
Fayza (Jamal's Mother) ► Nora Rodriguez
Jasmine (Jamal's Sister) ► Edna Rodriguez

Executive Producer/Writer ► Barış Özcan
Director/Writer ► Jeff G. Vincent
Producer ► Mevlut Akkaya
Producer ► Roy Wol
Production Assistant ► Dovran Rejep
Production Manager ► Frances Lozada
Director of Photography ► Selim Cayligil
First Assistant Camera ► Niav Conty
Camera PA ► Aspet Manukyan
Gaffer ► Monika Kolodziej
Sound Recordist ► M. Parker Kozak
Art Director ► Charles Rojas
HMUA/Wardrobe ► Anatalia Fernandez
Van Driver/PA ► Elliott Velez
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