🌸🌺From Ugly to Pretty🌹🌸| A mini gachaverse movie

14 Sep 2018 24:04 2,056
14,389 626

I finally finishes it guys. Ita finally out. My very first gacha movie ever made.
I've seen a bunch of people doing something also like this on YT. I really tried to do my best with this movie with a lot ideas made and me crossing out some ideas.


Hey there everyone! :D "From Ugly to Pretty 2: Inner beauty" has finally been released: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abSL9pfolAY&t=11s

One of the songs in the movie which was the ending, I kinda forgott the name of it. Im a forgetful person okay? 😒


Also while I was making this movie I realized that I got 90 subs and above. Thank you so much guys for subscribing to my channel, and I am definetly going to make a subscriber special but this is all for now.


Also note that the songs in this video does not belong to me and that it belongs to the respective owners.

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