Health in the Americas+ 2017

28 Sep 2017 07:52 1
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The Health in the Americas plus portal is much more than a website. Besides having regional sections with an in-depth look at the health situation in the Region of the Americas, the portal offers all the data and basic indicator about the countries of the Western Hemisphere. And that is just for starters.

The portal has different resources for different profiles of users. Researches, for instance, may quickly find useful information with a click of the mouse. Communicators, such as journalists and other in the media, will be able to participate in the social conversation using predefined hashtags. And any iuser wil be albe to personalize his or Health in the Americas experience. With My Health in the Americas, the user will have quick access to the information he or she wants to see, and only that information.

It is easy to search through the portal itself, and also to extend the search to other scientific websites, such as PAHO’s Virtual Health Library, Scielo, and the Virtual Campus for Public Health. In every article available in the portal, the user will find pre-programmed searches that instantly integrate the most relevant scientific information about any topic.

The Health in the Americas portal is not limited to text, graphs, and statistics. There are many multimedia resources available to the user, such as photos, videos and even podcasts related to the topics covered by Health in the Americas. These multimedia resources will be constantly updated, making the portal a destination to be visited over and over again.

And visiting couldn’t be easier. Articles in the portal may be downloaded as ePubs suitable for any book reader or similar device. Plus, the portal is easy to read in any mobile device. It looks as good on tablets, smartphones as it does on a desktop computer, adding convenience to its long list of features.

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