Texas Children's Pavilion for Women - Influenza PSA (30 seconds)

20 Oct 2014 00:31 2
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Is it safe to get a flu shot during pregnancy? This PSA conveys the importance of pregnant women receiving the influenza vaccine. For more information about Texas Children's Pavilion for Women, visit http://women.texaschildrens.org

Read more on Texas Children's Blog: Should pregnant women get the flu shot?

Texas Children's Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research provides a valuable resource for understanding the increasingly complex issues of vaccination.
• Vaccines recommended for pregnant women: http://www.texaschildrens.org/Locate/Departments-and-Services/Vaccine/Age/Pregnant-Women-Recommendation/
• Vaccines recommended in special circumstances: http://www.texaschildrens.org/Locate/Departments-and-Services/Vaccine/Age/Pregnant-Women-Special-Circumstance/
• Vaccines not recommended for pregnant women: http://www.texaschildrens.org/Locate/Departments-and-Services/Vaccine/Age/Pregnant-WOmen-Non-Recommendation/

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