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Hi everyone!

This video might be a bit different from my previous ones but the truth is: I have always wanted to make a video like this! Also, a lot of you have requested me on Instagram to do a DIY about my beard, so I tried to do my very best :-)

Here are the items that I used for this video:

EUROPE: REMINGTON trimmer REMINGTON hairdryer Hair oil (Schwarzkopf Gliss kur) foundation (Maybelline super stay): recorded with Canon G7X:


This video just illustrates how I regularly trim my beard. As for the so-called bonus tips: That's just for a photo shoot :-)
So the listed techniques/steps may not necessarily work for everyone. Besides, I'm not a barber/hairdresser. I'm just an architect... if you have better ideas/recommendations for getting the perfect beard, let me know!

Disclaimer: I want to be fully transparent and say that the links above are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking the link — it doesn’t cost you anything extra and helps this channel to grow.

The next videos will focus again on some tiny architecture! ;-)

Take care (of your beard) and I'm looking forward to reading your comments!

PS: The foundation/eyeliner might be a bit too much; I only use this for photo/video shoots. On a daily basis, it is better to keep it light and natural! ;-)


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