Can we stop aging? | Andrei Gudkov | TEDxMorristown

08 Jun 2017 22:56 89
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Scientist and expert Dr. Andrei Gudkov tells us what aging really is, how and why it happens, and what our future might be. What is the key to longer, healthier lives, and is it in our reach?

Andrei is a preeminent cancer researcher, Senior Vice President for Basic Science; Chair of the Department of Cell Stress Biology, and a member of the senior leadership team for National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Center Support Grant at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI). He is responsible for building on the basic and translational research strengths of the Cell Stress Biology program in DNA damage and repair, photodynamic therapy, thermal and hypoxic stress and immune modulation. Andrei was formerly at the Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, where he served as Chair of the Department of Molecular Genetics and professor of biochemistry at Case Western Reserve University. He earned his doctoral degree in Experimental Oncology at the Cancer Research Center, USSR and a Doctorate of Science (D.Sci) in Molecular Biology at the Moscow State University, USSR. He has authored or co-authored 218 scientific articles, holds 54 patents and co-founded six biotech companies, including Everon Biosciences, Inc. that develops antiaging drugs.

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