The Higgs Boson Simplified Through Animation

25 Mar 2014 03:02 628
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**Disclaimer: this video was made by a couple animation students YEARS AGO, the main focus was the VISUAL aspect of the project and the accuracy of the information for such a complex topic is... questionable at best. Stop commenting about how the info is wrong or how you believe in Jesus instead. I uploaded it to YouTube so I could show the project in class, I did not expect it to amass half a million views. Make your own damn video if you don’t like mine, that’s what’s so great about YouTube. ANYONE can upload anything! Thank you.**

I think we've all heard about the Higgs Boson at least once since the recent discovery in 2012, but do you really know what it is? Our animated short created for a team animation class in college attempts to simplify the the concept and explain the basics through motion graphics.
Directed by Wyatt Johnson with the help of Alex Johnson and Ellen Knealing.

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