Psychiatry Inpatient Admission: What Families Can Expect at Cincinnati Children's

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In times of crisis, you want to know that your child is in the safest possible environment, a place where she can focus on getting better.

The Division of Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children's offers expert assessment and diagnosis of children who are experiencing behavioral, emotional or developmental disorders. We offer care on both an inpatient and outpatient basis, as well as residential treatment for longer-term care.

Our first priority is to stabilize a child who is in crisis. Treatment is then tailored to each child's individual needs by a team from our Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

We treat kids ages 2 to 18 at three campus locations that offer inpatient treatment. Your child will be assigned to a unit best suited to his developmental, psychological and medical needs. That unit may be in a different location than where you first arrive for care. Depending on the number of patients on the unit, your child may have a roommate. Our units are not separated by boys and girls. Most children stay on an inpatient unit for five to seven days .

Your child's safety during his stay with us is of the utmost importance. All units are locked. Your child will receive a special ID number to protect confidentiality.

We provide clothing for your child to wear and do not allow electronics or other items brought from home. You will receive a Parent Handbook that outlines all of the safety measures we employ, and provides details about visiting hours and procedures.

We will asked questions at admission such as who your family doctor is, what medications your child dates, and whether your child has a case worker or counselor.

The doctor who cares for your child will perform a thorough evaluation, direct his treatment plan and manage his medications. Your child's primary nurse will meet with you and manage your child's inpatient stay. The primary nurse and social worker will be able to answer most of your questions. Mental health specialists will keep your child safe as they lead goals groups and provide one-on-one support.

A health unit coordinator will help to keep things running smoothly. Your child will have a team of experts here, including behavior specialists, teachers, dietitians, music therapists, speech and occupational therapists and chaplains.

We help your child work on a specific goal each day and develop positive ways to cope with troublesome feelings.

We also set aside plenty of time for kids to let loose and have fun playing games, watching movies, doing crafts or visiting our recreation areas.

When your child is ready to return home, we will work with your family and your child's school and primary care provider to have a plan in place for continued treatment.

You've taken the best possible step by seeking help. We can help your child learn to manage difficult feelings and give your child -- and you -- the skills and resources needed to grow and thrive.

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