North Korea to challenge Trump after inauguration: expert

02 Dec 2016 01:59 1
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A top security expert in the United States has warned that North Korea could conduct a provocation to challenge U.S. President-elect Donald Trump as soon as he's inaugurated in January.
Park Jong-hong has the details.
North Korea will likely pose a crisis for the incoming Trump administration.
Also in the next four years, it's "entirely plausible" that Pyongyang will demonstrate its missile capacity of sending a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile that could reach the West Coast of the United States.
These remarks were made by Victor Cha, speaking at a security forum hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, where he holds the Korea chair.
He explained that every U.S. presidency has been defined for their handling of unexpected crises.
For President George W. Bush, he said it was clearly the 9/11 attacks that tested his mettle.
He said for President-elect Trump, this crisis could very well come from North Korea.
Cha said Pyongyang will challenge the new administration in a bid to establish "a position of strength" and this is its way of trying to "tame" a new U.S. government.
As a case in point, after President Obama took office in January 2009, the North fired a long-range missile in April and conducted its second nuclear test a month later.
Cha went on to slam Obama's "strategic patience" policy of refusing to hold negotiations and increasing sanctions until the North shows good faith.
He said this policy has done little to curb the threat.
In the past year alone, Cha said North Korea has conducted 25 ballistic missile tests and two nuclear tests.
Park Jong-hong, Arirang News.

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