How to Recover from Jet Lag Quickly | Welcome to San Francisco from Thailand | The 15 Hour Flight

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Welcome to San Francisco! After a 15 hour, long haul flight from Bangkok, Thailand, Richard finally made it home. In this video, he will focus on, and explain how to recover from jet lag, and extreme cases of jet lag. He gives advice specifically based on his 5 years of long haul flying experience between Bangkok, Thailand, and San Francisco, California. Jet lag can be very serious, and can be overwhelming at times. Lucky for us, Richard has experienced all of the problems associated with jet lag, such as exhaustion, headaches, cramps, insomnia, and other uncomfortable issues caused by jet lag on his long haul flights from Thailand to San Francisco. The value of this travel vlog is in his suggestions on how to recover quickly from jet lag. By his own admission, he has cut down his jet lag recovery time from three to four weeks, to three to four days. His tips and tricks on how to avoid and recover from jet lag are very valuable.
As an added bonus, you will get to see some of the magnificent views San Francisco, California has to offer.

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