9 Proven Ways to Stop Your Child from Lying

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We meet liars every day, but we don’t know what to do when they are our kids. Bright Side knows why children lie and 9 easy ways on how their parents could stop their children from lying. Did you know that your behavior in certain situations may also influence your child to hide the truth?

Kids know the consequences 1:02
Kids don't want to upset you 1:59
They don't lie but fantasize 2:51
Kids tell lies because they don't remember 3:41
They think that lying is polite 4:35
We are programming the right answer 5:15
Kids are afraid of changing roles 6:16
We tell lies ourselves 7:10
Kids think they are too silly 7:55
A Single Phrase to Stop a Child’s Tantrum 8:46

Let’s say your child got upset because a friend of theirs doesn’t want to share a toy with them. Don’t wait until the screams are out of control. Ask your child right away: "Is it a big, a middle-sized, or a small problem?" 
And when they reply, suggest thinking about the solution together, whatever size the problem might be. Perhaps they’d accept another toy? Or invite the friend to play together? There are many options!

Children’s psychologists explain there are three basic reasons why this seemingly ordinary question calms kids down:
• The child sees we accept and respect their feelings.
• The question makes them stop to think and assess the situation.
• By asking this question, parents invite the child to try and solve the problem themselves.
Therefore, by asking this question and calmly talking with your little one for a few minutes, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and nerves and will also gain their confidence.

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