Cry Plays: Forest of Drizzling Rain [P1]

25 Sep 2014 29:28 2,570
17,993 88

Game :

And so it begins. The broken English adventure of girl and her journey up to her recently deceased parents place of youth. I hear it's kind of spooky, but not terribly. The story and characters are what really sell the game and, speaking from 2 hours experience so far, I will agree with that. I really am enjoying it!

I definitely look forward to playing more, and I absolutely hope you guys stick around for the ride - it should be a fun one if you ask me!

Y-.. you asked me right? It's not like I asked you or anything.. b-baka..

Thumbnail art by (That's Simple, don't'cha know)

Music by Laura Brehm & Mr FijiWiji & AgNO3 - Pure Sunlight : (Provided by Monstercat)

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