Canadian Rockies in 4K (Ultra HD)

14 Oct 2015 14:58 399
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The Canadian Rockies - one of the most scenic mountain ranges in the world, including Banff, Jasper, Yoho National parks, and more. The Canadian Rocky Mountains are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Music by Anilah:

In the Video:
Yoho National Park, British Columbia: Iceline Trail (0:05), Takakkaw Falls (0:05), Emerald Lake (1:26), Lake O'Hara Alpine Circuit (1:54).
Banff National Park, Alberta: Bow Lake (3:54), Peyto Lake (4:22), Mistaya Canyon (5:03), Helen Lake Trail (5:35), Panther Falls (6:48), Parker Ridge Trail (7:06), Lake Louise (8:12), Lake Agnes Trail (8:28), Larch Valley-Sentinel Pass Trail (9:08), Moraine Lake (9:34), Sulphur Mountain (9:50), Johnston Canyon (10:03).
Jasper National Park, Alberta: Wilcox Pass Trail (10:41), Columbia Icefield (11:08), Sunwapta Falls (11:19), Cavell Meadows Trail (11:48), Athabasca Falls (12:32), Tangle Falls (12:53)
Mt Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia: Berg Lake Trail hike (12:38).

Recorded July 2015 in 4K (Ultra HD) with Sony AX100.

Anilah - Warrior - 04 - Medicine Chant
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