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Dr. Showkat Bashir is a board-certified gastroenterologist who has performed more than 20,000 endoscopic procedures. He is also highly experienced at performing EUS, ERCP, large colon polyp removal, radiofrequency ablation and other advanced procedures.

Additionally, he has a stellar record of National Quality Metrics in Endoscopy that includes adenoma detection rates (ADR), endoscopy outcomes and appropriate recommendations. In fact, Dr. Bashir’s ADR is 60-65 percent, which is above the recommended rate of 20-30 percent. In 2017, he was selected as a "Top Doctor" by the Washingtonian magazine in the field of gastroenterology.

Watch Dr. Bashir answer frequently asked questions about colon cancer and gastroenterology.

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Dr. Showkat Bashir -
Appointments at 240-965-4413

Ask Our Doctors – Dr. Showkat Bashir - Gastroenterolgy Education

00:33 What is a gastroenterologist?
00:46 What are digestive diseases?
01:20 What are some of the common procedures a gastroenterologist performs?
02:30 What is a colon?
02:49 What are polyps?
03:22 What is colon cancer?
03:48 What are the risk factors for colon cancer?
04:39 What are the symptoms of colon cancer?
05:17 What are the rates of colon cancer?
06:10 How is colon cancer diagnosed?
07:15 Why are colonoscopies important?
08:17 How do you prepare for a colonoscopy?
09:24 What should you expect the day of a colonoscopy?
10:32 What should you expect the day after a colonoscopy?
10:44 What should you look for when choosing a center to perform a colonoscopy?
11:52 How can Doctors Community Hospital help people who need a colonoscopy or other digestive disease care?
13:33 Are there any free colonoscopy programs available at Doctors Community Hospital for uninsured or underinsured residents?

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