The End of Left and Right? | Rory Stewart, Chantal Mouffe, David Goodhart

04 Nov 2019 30:51 7
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As Brexit made clear, the traditional political divide of left and right may no longer be relevant or useful. What then are the new political divides? Rory Stewart, Chantal Mouffe and David Goodhart debate the end of left and right.

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Independent MP for Penrith and The Border, Rory Stewart has recently announced his intention to stand for Mayor of London as an independent candidate, having had the whip withdrawn whilst previously a member of the Conservative Party.

Former editor of Prospect and Director of the London based think tank Demos. Author of The British Dream: successes and failures of post-war immigration.

Chantal Mouffe is a political theorist known for her contribution to the development of the Essex School of discourse analysis, a type of post-Marxist political inquiry drawing on Gramsci, post-structuralism and theories of identity, and redefining Leftist politics in terms of radical democracy.

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