BMW M135D Review - Subscribers Car - Diesel Torque Monster - E87 1M Engine Swap 400bhp+ 880nm+

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Help me get to SEMA!


Show them all the videos of this banged up M3 turning into a rolling dream......the rendering of the finished car will also help
a fair bit!:

I will load the car onto a container, and drive it through Hoonigans HQ ( with an epic burnout and end up at SEMA for the world to see my mad creation!

In order for me to do this I need you guys to help me, so please do email them and beg them to allow me on the show floor!

Its a life long dream for me!


You saw this before in a previous video, I just had to come back and have a more in-depth look.

This car is an absolute riot on the road, all of that torque in the little E87 1 series is hilarious. But it also has the traits of its bigger brothers, so its smooth and refined at the same time.

Reflecting on this, I can understand why BMW didn't build them, it would of caused conflicting issues in their performance petrol range and possibly sent a few inexperienced drivers into trees....

Perhaps Alpina could come up with something similar?

We were set to Benchmark this car with the Vbox Sport, however the tyres on the car were past their best, combined with the rain it would not have been a fair result.

Tech specs:

2007 BMW E87 5 door hatch
Full BMW 1M body conversion with wide arches
M57 twin turbo engine swap
Water/Meth injection
Remapped to 380bhp/560ftlb (410bhp/655ftlb with meth)
ZF 6 speed auto
KW Clubsport Coilovers
6 pot calipers
And much more......

Instagram @j_bmw135d

Please check out my previous video to see this car on the dyno:

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