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⌘ I'm feeling a bit depress right now that it's almost over for our Kookwan / Koo Bhoopae or just Popella couple. I'll surely miss Kade and Por Date. One of the two most memorable characters for me. I wish to see them again as a pair in a modern lakorn soon.

◤Actor: Pope Tanawat Wattanaputi
◤Actress: Bella Campen
◤Lakorn: Few lakorns cross over
I was just trying to follow the lyrics but I guess it ended that Pope was the only one that remember their love in the past and tried to tell Bella but she was already happily engaged to Louis, hahahahah, what a twist. Anway, so because he love her a lot he decided to let her go. Bella than suddenly remember her past with Pope but it was too late. She was married and he left, so I guess another lifetime for their love? hahahaha.

This storyline sucks. Please just enjoy the crossover. Thank you all!
◤Coloring: PK

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