Aerobask Epic E1000 Skyview Version for X-plane 10

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Aerobask Epic E1000 Skyview Version for X-plane 10

Please view in 1080p!

Available at the Store:

Description from the Store:
The Epic E1000 is all composite, carbon fiber aircraft that redefines the standard of excellence in the personal aviation marketplace. With slingshot acceleration, jet-class speed of more than 325 knots, is the fastest and quickest aircraft of its class. This new model comes with the new Dynon Skyview advanced avionics.

Note to previous Epic E1000 owners: you can upgrade to this new model for only $7. Send an email to for the upgrade code

This aircraft was designed with the cooperation of SOMMA Aviation, an EPIC 1000 operator. The E1000 is powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6-67A turboprop engine making a monstrous 1200 SHP.

Aerobask Quality 3D Model
- High quality 3D model throughout
- Flight model defined according to the specifications of public data. Fun to fly.
- Ultra-High Resolution textures. 4K, Ambient Occlusion, Specular, Normal mapping and night lightning.
- Fully functional and animated Virtual 3D cockpit.
- Panoramic windshield with reflections, rain and icing effects.
- Ground Power Unit

Skyview for X-Plane
- 3 EFIS Skyview
- Extensive custom logic to simulate the real Skyview
- Custom MAPs & FMS
- Flight Plans Management
- Transponder
- AutoPilot and radio
- All EFIS can be displayed in Pop-up view

Other Systems
- EIS MVP50, 2 Garmin GNC255, 1 STEC5000 Autopilot, ADL110B weather radar, TCAS and vocal alerts.
- Can also be viewed as Pop-up windows

Dynamic Menus
- Options Menu
- Fuel & weight management

Custom 3D Sounds
- Engine, gear, flaps, door, vocal alert, callout.
- Enhanced 3D sound engine using SASL functions.

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