You Think You’re a Fast Driver, But You’re Probably Wrong

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Recently, thanks to my friends at Shell, I went to Bondurant Racing School in Phoenix AZ. To say it was an educational experience is a gross understatement.

I was also fortunate enough to be with my friends EngineeringExplained and Humble Mechanic. BTW, EngineeringExplained IS a good driver. In fact, he was fastest overall in the autocross at Bondurant. Humble Mechanic is awesome at go karts. Me, well, I’m the equivalent of ‘Capt. Slow’ when it comes to the group.

With all of that said, my point in making this video is to help illustrate that most people that think they’re fast drivers, aren’t. I also wanted to impart some of the things I’ve learned that may help you with everyday driving. I feel like I’m a better driver as a result of this knowledge.

One last thing. I did mention Al Unser Jr. in the video. I cut out the part of the video where I mentioned having dinner with him at SEMA this year. He’s a great guy and a lot of fun to hang out with. He was also kind enough to share some of his knowledge with us.

Feel free to share your driving tips in the comments below!

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