Talk to Al Jazeera - Tomislav Nikolic: Serbia won't align with East or West

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Tensions between Moscow and the West have reached new heights. Not since the end of the Soviet Union has the division between the two sides been so apparent. Many talk of a new cold war.

NATO is moving into Russia's backyard and Moscow isn't happy.

When NATO just made Polish-based parts of a European missile shield operational, Russia announced the deployment of long and short-range missiles to Kaliningrad, close to the border with Poland.

And Russia's annexation of Crimea led to wide-ranging sanctions from the European Union.

One country is now finding itself squarely in the middle of all this: Serbia.

It continues to push for membership in the EU and has taken part in NATO military exercises, but at the same time, it has long and strong historical ties with Russia, making it unclear where Serbia will go if it has to choose sides.
Belgrade has also found itself caught up in the Syrian conflict with serious allegations that the weapons it sells are ending up in the wrong hands on the battlefield.

The conflict is not just dividing the West and Russia, it also led to a refugee crisis that is threatening European unity and has drawn in Serbia.

We discuss all this with Tomislav Nikolic, the president of Serbia, on Talk to Al Jazeera.

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