WebAssembly: A game changer for the Web | Mozilla

07 Mar 2017 06:13 89
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WebAssembly lets you target the Web just like any other platform. WebAssembly is a game-changing technology allowing developers to build applications for the Web that run at near-native speeds. Combining highly optimized performance of running the code, with very small binaries means you can start large applications fast, and run intensive applications smoothly - all via the Web.

Now, starting with Firefox 52, and coming very soon in Chrome, WebAssembly allows you to compile C or C++ to the Web while maintaining near-native performance. A whole new set of developers are now able to target the Web in ways that used to be impossible--and without using plugins.

Get the latest news on what Mozilla is doing with WebAssembly here: https://mzl.la/webassembly

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