FaZe Coan - @PkmNinja Banner [+ 8K SPECIAL]

04 May 2014 03:45 65
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1 view = 1 like?
Lets SMASH 200 likes like we did on my last video!

What's up, fellas? Hope you all like this banner for my man FaZe Ninja who actually have used my banner for over 9 months so its pretty cool that he wanted me to make him another one (and hopefully use it for another 9 months). Anyways, some of you may think this banner is really simple but these glitch effects are actually kinda complex. Watch the video and you'll understand what I mean :)

Sooo I guess you have some questions about the IRL video in the beginning. No, It's not me (if you didn't manage to read the text in the very beginning).
Lets just say it like this; It's the best 5$ I've ever spent.

Oh and one last thing, thank you so much for the AMAZING feedback on my last video, I've never gotten that many likes and views in such a small amount of time.
It's absolutely amazing.


Song: ScHoolboy Q - Figg Get Da Money

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