Listening Series: Playing Spaces

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Listening Series: Playing Spaces

Thursday, May 17th, 2018

7 – 9 pm

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With Zev Greenfield, Bobby McElver Elaine Sisman, and Peter Zuspan and recordings by Anne Guthrie and Margaret Schedel

Moderated by Willem Boning and Curt Gambetta

Featuring a performance by Daniel Neumann

In architecture, spatial thinking is at the core of the design process. In music, however, space is often considered a surface effect, a veneer of “good” or “bad” acoustics that is applied to sound rather than grounding it. But music is inherently spatial. As it travels from a source to our ears, music is transformed by the air, the surrounding architecture, and the shape of our own bodies. A number of musicians from across time periods, genres, and traditions have acknowledged this gap, and have exploited spatial phenomena to enrich their musical languages.

Listening Series: Playing Spaces is presented in parallel with the launch of How Musicians Think About Space, edited by Curt Gambetta and Joseph Bedford, and produced by architectural designer and acoustician Willem Boning for Attention – The Audio Journal for Architecture, which documents musical experiments with the spatial dynamics of architecture and landscape. Through interviews, musical excerpts, and acoustical examples, How Musicians Think About Space illuminates the role of space in the imagination of composers, performers, and producers.

This first iteration of Storefront’s Listening Series expands on topics from the journal issue, including the physical phenomena of sound, its reproduction and representation, and the design and occupation of acoustical environments. A performance by sound artist Daniel Neumann will set the stage for a panel discussion with historians, architects, musicians, and acousticians about how musicians engage space as a means for invention. Participants will introduce audio excerpts that capture and communicate a spatial phenomenon, followed by a group discussion on the spatial aspects of musical performance.

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