How Fast Is My Supercharged Honda S2000?

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Was supercharging my S2000 worth it? How does a supercharged S2000 drive? Why did I supercharge my S2000? How fast is a supercharged S2000? EE Shirts! -
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I'm finally driving my supercharged S2000! Which leads to four questions: 1) How is it to drive? 2) How fast is it - real world, not dyno results? 3) Is it worth the cost to supercharge an S2000? 4. Why did I choose to supercharge my S2000 rather than other options?

From a driving aspect, what I like about the modified S2000 is that it maintains a lot of the stock refinement; it doesn't feel significantly modified car from a drive-ability standpoint, it's just as street-able as it always has been (or hasn't been). It's just faster!

To test how much faster, I used the same method I've been using since I bought the S2000. I use a VBOX sport and accelerate on the same road in the same direction, in the same gear from 10 mph to 60 mph, and measure the improvement in acceleration in increments of 5 mph. The video includes full details of test results!

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