Radhika Apte Unblushed | Find Your Beautiful

21 Apr 2016 04:35 3,458
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Who decided what the perfect body type is? Or the perfect pout.
Who set the rules of 'moral social behaviour'?
Who defined, 'beautiful'?

This edition of Unblushed, featuring acclaimed actor Radhika Apte, questions what is ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’ for an Indian woman: What is a ‘normal’ body, what is an ‘acceptable’ decibel of laughter, what is ‘girl-like' behaviour. A 4 minute advice that turns into an affirmation of the self, we attempt at reaching at a more 'real' definition of beauty.
Beautiful is messy, imperfect, ordinary and peculiar.
Beautiful, is what you decide it should be.
Find, your beautiful.

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