Die Antwoord's Responses To Zheani's Song, "The Question"

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Captions available! I've included timestamps in case you can't finish this “mini-movie” in one sitting. We're going over all 3 of DA's response videos as well as Zheani's instagram story response. Also including a body language reading on Ninja by Reagan Wolf and some messages/screenshots from Zheani herself.
0:21 Timeline of events up until today (Good to catch up)
2:32 Yolandi's First Response video
4:12 Ninja's Response video (feat. Reagan's body language reading)
19:59 Yolandi's Second Response Video
25:39 Zheani's Messages To Me

Big thank you to Reagan Wolf for participating in this project: https://www.youtube.com/user/FromFarUsual
Please keep in mind Body Language alone will not be a 100% way of knowing whether or not someone is lying. Reagan is not a lie detector, but body language does bring a lot of insight which is why I invited her for this.

Zheani's song "The Question": https://youtu.be/JY6hCE2D-cc
My video interpretation and breakdown of "The Question": https://youtu.be/4nzWma3w5CM
Yolandi's first IG post on Zheani: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu3UEG6FyhH/
And her second IG post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu3UZ7hFYNG/

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