Betrayal: Derek and Ariel

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First: I own none of the clips above, this video is strictly fan base! all rights to disney and warner brothers. The song is from the Lord of the Rings Saga.

The Story:

It begins with an arranged marriage with a prince and a princess. Derek who is a brave and handsome prince is to be married to the beauftiful princess Ariel. At first derek does not want to marry because he has not seen nor met this woman. when they finally met he becomes awe strucken by her beauty, and they both come to a mutural consent: they marry. At first everything seems grand, ariel bears derek a child, a beautiful baby girl. Yet slowly derek becomes distant and ariel suspects something wrong. The scene then shows Derek in the woods with another maiden, a beautiful blond haired woman, whom he is having an affair. Ariel is distraught when derek comes home so late, she waits every night on her balcony waiting for him to return home. finally he does and she is put to rest and sleeps. Meanwhile Derek's birthday is approaching, his friend asks him what is the one thing he wants and Derek answers: "simple, for odette to be there." As the preperations are being made for Derek's birthday Ariel calls to her servant Carlotta asking if she has seen derek. Finally ariel finds derek and he tells her the news of his good friend coming into the kingdom for his birthday. Ariel is immediatly drawn into a flashback, Eric who was her old love is coming back to the kingdom. He had left her once before, vowing that he would come back. Ariel is once again overwhelmed with old emotions. When eric comes home old feelings are reborn and derek catches that while watching Ariel and Eric. Sad, derek runs to the woods and tries to find comfort in his own deciet. Odette soon pushes derek to take her to the castle, she is tired of being the third wheel and wants to be recongized. Derek tells her tomorrow she may come, on his birthday. Meanwhile back at home ariel finds a unknown necklace, knowing its not hers she questions Derek. He immediatly lashes out and turns the situation onto her and eric. Ariel pleads with him and tells him that there is nothing happening, Derek won't budge he ends up leaving ariel alone sad, eric there comforting her. The the next day approaches and you find ariel sad crying, something has happened. The story brings a flashback that shows that ariel has kissed Eric. She feels horrible and immediatly goes to confront Derek of what she has done. Instead she finds him with Odette, saying she was the one he always loved. Ariel is soon banished from the kingdom her and her child. While they are leaving Ariel is captured, derek finds out and feels total remorse. he runs to find her, but she is no where to be found. Years pass and ariel's memory haunts Eric. he is still trying to find her but he can't. while he is outside on the balcony he hears Odette and a fimiliar soccer talking. he soon learns that Odette was the cause of Ariel's dissappearance. While eric is on the beach he notices a swan, the swan turns into a human woman: Ariel. The ending is very dramatic, it shows derek peering at this beautiful young woman as the doors to his kingdom opens. He knows who she is, the whole entire kingdom finds out that this young woman is his daughter, and that he on his own.. and lost her. The End

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