15 Ways to Survive a Tough Day If You Feel Sleepy

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How to Fight Sleepiness. The best way to stay energetic and active is to sleep well, but sometimes you just don’t have enough time to rest. Here are the simplest and most efficient methods to help you fight off sleepiness and stay energized throughout the day at work or school.

Don't drink too many coffees or energy drinks. 0:44
Take a contrast shower. 1:46
Get more oxygen. 2:26
Have ice cream for breakfast. 3:36
Do morning exercises. 4:06
Take a hot bath with a strong-smelling essential oil. 4:30
Go outside. 4:58
Make a plan for the day. 5:55
Eat less white sugar. 6:23
Have more light around you. 6:51
Take a 20-minute nap in the middle of the day. 7:16
Chew some gum. 7:52
Laugh 8:16
Touch your palate with your tongue. 8:46
Change your socks. 9:02

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-After the initial boost energy drinks give you, you’ll lose the rest of your energy for several reasons. First of all, energy drinks are full of refined sugar, which causes tiredness and low energy levels. As for coffee, if you drink it regularly, your body gets used to it. As a result, instead of feeling energized, you are exhausted.
-Your body has specific physiological responses to different kinds of irritants. Wakefulness is a reaction to cold water.
-If you're in the office, try to slow down your breathing to 10 deep breaths a minute. According to Men's Journal, this process increases your energy level as well as your cognitive abilities.
-Ice cream helps to wake up your brain. It's not about the sugar and energy boosts but the cold temperature of the yummy treat.
-Besides becoming wide awake, you'll also get some good physical training, which will help you stay healthy and in good shape.
-A hot shower or bath combined with particular fragrances in the morning is more beneficial than you thought.
-If you can't afford the luxury of a 30-minute stroll in the park, at least open your windows and breathe in the fresh air. If you're lucky and the temperature outside is very low, you'll feel nice and refreshed in a few minutes.
-By writing down all of the important things you have to do, you don't overwhelm your brain with excessive information.
-When you eat white sugar, you'll feel a boost of energy, which will make you jump around like that squirrel from Ice Age. But after just half an hour, your energy level will drop, leaving you completely exhausted.
-If the room in which you’re sitting has enough light, this stimulates both your mind and your body.
-A 20-minute nap won't restore your energy completely, but a quick nap will be just enough to "reload."
-When you stimulate your facial muscles by chewing, the blood flow to your head increases, and this makes you wake up.
-Laughing is a natural stimulant for both your brain and your body.
-The ticklish feeling in your mouth will wake your brain up immediately.
-If you change your socks in the middle of the day, you'll feel much more energized.

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