How The 'Impossible Drive' Could Break Newton's Third Law

19 Nov 2016 04:25 1,441
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A device called the EM Drive appears to have the ability to break the Third Law of Physics. But does it even work?

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The 'Impossible' EM Drive Is About To Be Tested In Space

"This is an important step for the EM Drive as it adds legitimacy to the technology and the tests done thus far, opening the door for other groups to replicate the tests. This will also allow other groups to devote more resources to uncovering why and how it works, and how to iterate on the drive to make it a viable form of propulsion."

What Is The EmDrive And Why Is It So Controversial

"In theory, scaling the technology up would allow a spacecraft or other vehicle using this engine to reach incredible speeds without expending any fuel, needing only a power source - such as a nuclear generator or the Sun's rays. It's a modern day perpetual motion machine, in theory."

What Happens When Newton's Third Law is Broken?

"Even though it is one of the fundamental laws of physics, Newton's third law can be violated in certain nonequilibrium (out-of-balance) situations. When two objects or particles violate the third law, they are said to have nonreciprocal interactions."


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Written By: Julian Huguet

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