Purvos | Full Horror Movie

30 Nov 2016 01:14:27 57
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#KingsOfHorror presents: Purvos

Max has a problem. His mother loves to kill....or at least her ghost loves for him to kill. Haunted by the spectators of his tormented childhood, Max carries out his mother's gruesome demands on unsuspecting women of the night. Stacy Jaros, a dream researcher, is studying the link between dreams and the paranormal. A disturbing pattern involving a clown called PURVOS has become a recurring dream motif of the insomniacs. In a twist of fate, the one with the most vivid dreams is Stacy's ex girlfriend Kathy. Stacy discovers that Kathy's dreams are tied to the activities of her uncle, Max, who has been trying to establish contact with her. Kathy and Stacy make a plan to confront Max in a climatic ending will thrill fans of gruesome special effects.

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