Kyla La Grange - Hummingbird 360° Music Video

01 Jun 2016 03:43 168
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This video is 360°, so move your phone or your mouse to look behind you, and up in the sky, and down to your feet, and to your side. And you must, as we have hidden all kinds of things for you to find! Make your own story out of ours... (Watch on the youtube app on your phone or in the latest version of Chrome on your desktop. Will not work in Safari).
"This is the video that my child-self always wanted to make, and was inspired by: She-Ra, Philip Pullman, White Walkers, Labyrinth, Christina Aguilera Genie in a bottle era + Christina Aguilera Dirty era, space & the fear of eternal nothingness, the film Legend, Gregory Crewdson, the Wizard of Oz, weird kids, socially outcast kids, kids who acted out entire epic fantasy trilogies in their pyjamas, kids who played let's pretend games until they were much older than was acceptable, harpies, Hans Christian Andersen and mood rings. . . "

New single 'Hummingbird' is now available to buy and stream:

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