WET HEAD CHALLENGE! w/ Fish Oil, Old Food, Pickle Juice & More! (FUNnel Vision Extreme Fun)

18 May 2016 27:58 6,480
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You may have heard of the Wet Head Challenge but we aren't sure if you've seen one this weird, this... ugh, there are not enough words to describe the epic craziness in this video! Thumbs up for our Wet Head Video Fun! :)
Joining Lex & Mike in this video is their Grandpa known as "Tato" which is FUNnel Moms' Dad, that's right it's the WET HEAD GRAND PARENTS EDITION ;) ... also joining is Lex & Mike's friends Christy & Lexi also play. Yes, there are two Lexi's in this video! Chase was too scared to play. We have 5 rounds!
Round 1: Spit Water
Round 2: Orangeade
Round 3: Almond Milk
Round 4: A whole jar of Claussen Pickles Blended Up!
Round 5: We blend together: Old Pizza, a Half-Eaten Sandwhich, Fish Oil, Olives, Annies BBQ sauce & Coca-Cola.
YUCK! We also have some Trivia Challenge and Racing fun mixed with some water hoses, pranks & pool diving/jumping. There's just too much fun in one vid, we hope you get to enjoy it all.

Wet Head is a water roulette game. Fill Wet Head with cold water, strap on the water filled Wet Head, spin the spinner and follow the instructions on the spinner based on where the arrow lands. spin the top and pull out any one of the rods. If you stay dry, pass Wet Head to the next player. Make Wet Head the perfect game for any season by adjusting the amount of water you use to play. Fill Wet Head to brim when outside in the summer heat. Bring the fun indoors for winter by using a minimal amount of water. Summer or winter, the question remains the same, "Will you be the next Wet Head'".

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