BREAKING: Driving through downtown Gatlinburg

30 Nov 2016 00:51 0
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Video: Driving through downtown #Gatlinburg this morning was rather eerie... roadway closed due to area fires.
Pray For the people who are affected by this fire on gatlinbrug.

Crews continue to roll into #Gatlinburg @WKRN will be here all day giving you updates.
horrifying video from #Gatlinburg
WATCH: Incredible video from @wbir viewer Aaron Gholston of flames completely taking over Westgate Resort in #Gatlinburg Fires have been burning in East TN for ~ 1 month. Air quality has been terrible. Why no national guard response until #Gatlinburg burns?
I feel physically ill right now. #Gatlinburg
Strong winds are complicating efforts to put out wildfires threatening the @GreatSmokyNPS National Park.
#gatlinburg It's a sad day when Twitter is a better source of news coverage than national media outlets.
Sending our thoughts and prayers out to those affected by the horrible wildfires in #Gatlinburg. #Smashville is thinking of you.
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