Ernest Hemingway Survived Two Planes Crashes In Africa

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Few people can boast having survived a plane crash. What about surviving 2 plane crashes, one after the other? You think it’s impossible? Well, this guy did. And you know the name of the lucky man who survived 2 plane crashes in succession. It’s Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway’s biography is far richer than that of the characters from his books. He was a skilled boxer, a passionate hunter and fisherman, and a journalist. He had more energy than a dozen men put together. No wonder he’d been crazy about Africa for many years. The scale, the atmosphere, the danger – it all suited him perfectly in the vast territories of that wild continent...

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Hemingway's lifelong dream 0:45
Back to Africa 2:00
Crash-landing in the heavy bush 3:07
Rumors about the writer 4:22
The second crash 4:59
What it's like, to read your own obituary? 6:03
How Hemingway fell right into flames 6:48

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- In 1933 Hemingway went to Lake Tanganyika, where he made a camp, hired servants and guides from the local tribe, and started going hunting.
- In January 1934, Hemingway came back from yet another safari and got sick with intestinal amoebic dysentery.
- For most travelers that would’ve been enough to fall out of love with Africa forever. But not Hemingway.
- He wrote later that he never knew of a morning in Africa that he didn’t wake up happy. It’s no wonder that his passion for adventures drew him back there again.
- On January 21, 1954, Hemingway made a Christmas present for his dear wife Mary Welsh. Together with pilot Roy Marsh, they set out from Nairobi to visit the Belgian Congo in a small plane.
- The plane’s propeller and tail got hooked on an old telegraph wire. The pilot had to crash-land in the heavy bush close to the White Nile bustling with crocodiles.
- The next day, Hemingway and Roy Marsh were able to flag down a passing riverboat, “Murchison”, which took them to Butiaba on the western shore of Lake Albert.
- By the time they got to Butiaba, thanks to an international telegraph, rumor had it that one of the greatest living writers was in a plane crash in the middle of Africa.
- Hemingway wasn't happy about flying again. He thought it was better to go by car, but Cartwright convinced him that it was totally secure.
- All of a sudden, they found themselves in the air, but only for a few seconds. After that, the plane fell to the ground again with the sound of tearing metal – something they’d gotten used to hearing in the last couple of days.
- In the New Stanley Hotel, he had a rare chance to read his own obituary in the newspapers, sent to him from around the world.
- After his short recovery, he went to the beach camp on the Kenyan coast where he’d been scheduled to do some fishing with his son Patrick.
- But when a big brushfire started near the camp, he couldn’t stay put and went to help the firefighters.
- Since he was still weak and dizzy, he lost his balance and fell right into the flames. He got light burns on his face, chest, stomach, and legs, and very bad ones on his left hand and right arm.
- In 1999, on Hemingway’s 100th birthday, a popular British actor, Michael Palin, tried to repeat the routes of the writer’s journeys, after which he published a book: “Hemingway Adventure”.

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