WeiJiang Patron Saint T-Warrior KO Oversized Transformers Combiner Wars Defensor

20 Nov 2016 14:37 40
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Buy this here http://sirtoys.com/toys.php?a=14&c=8&p=2728&t=CW_Defensor_OS_Diecast.html

Click here for the plastic version http://sirtoys.com/toys.php?a=14&c=8&p=2763&t=CW_Defensor_OS_Plastic.html

Click here for the Crazy KO version http://sirtoys.com/toys.php?a=14&c=8&p=2504&t=CW_Defensor_OS.html

I take a look at WeiJiang's oversized die-cast Defensor

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