The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Explained

15 Jun 2015 04:14 37
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Short presentation explaining the Sustainable Development Goals and why 2015 is an important year.

Join our book launch on 'Thinking Beyond Sectors' for the goals in July

With Clem Silverman

About LIDC:
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LIDC’s mission is to address global development challenges by facilitating cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration amongst its member Colleges and with partners worldwide. Our vision is a world made more equitable and secure through a reduction in poverty and more sustainable use of resources and evidence-based decision-making.

LIDC develops interdisciplinary research, activities and training programmes to address complex international development challenges. Addressing these challenges effectively often requires working across sectors, such as education and health, or between disciplines, such as sociology and economics. With partner institutions in low and middle income countries, LIDC builds initiatives on such subjects as climate change, HIV/ AIDS, migration, and emerging diseases.

LIDC's member colleges are Birkbeck, UCL Institute of Education, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Royal Veterinary College, SOAS, Queen Mary, University of London and City, University of London. Collectively, these specialist Colleges have a wealth of development-related research and knowledge across a variety of disciplines.

The LIDC member colleges all have strong individual reputations in international development. LIDC brings their strengths together, building new research and training collaborations between Colleges and with partner institutions in support of international development. What makes LIDC distinctive among international development centres is the breadth and depth of its scholarship relevant to international development, and its capacity to integrate research and education across a range of sectors and across the natural, biomedical and social sciences, to address development challenges.

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