A Welcoming Place | Short Film

24 Sep 2017 26:11 501
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After the death of his Father, Phillip moves to a old house in the countryside, only to discover that there are people already living in his new home. At least, they seem like people.

Starring -
Daniel J. Layton
Francesca Louise White
Cael King
Rebecca Day
Guy Larsen
Connie Stafford
Sophie Wyatt
Ashley Russell

Written and Directed by - Sam Saffold
Produced by - Sinéad O'Quigley
Assistant Producer - Georgina Rowlands
Assistant Director - Natalie Lloyd
Director of Photography - Ewan McIntosh
Sound Recordist - Reuben Samra
Script Supervisor - Patrick Forster
Production Designer - Jessica Holme
Creature Maker - Soaf Wyatt
DIT - Patrick Forster
Edited by - Sam Saffold & Ben Porro
Colour Grade & VFX - Ewan McIntosh
Sound Mixing - Rob Taliesin Owen
Sound Design - Reuben Samra & Sam Saffold
Additional Recording - Reuben Samra
Score by - Rob Simpson

Thanks to -
Sammy Paul
Dan Stokes
Freya Noyce

NOTE - there is a spelling error in the credits. Script Supervision and DIT work was done by Patrick Forster. Apologies for any confusion.

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Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/supersamstuff/

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