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This video is about how to make McDonald's Szechuan Sauce!
After Disney released Mulan in 1998, McDonald's made a Szechuan Sauce to promote the movie. This sauce was discontinued and never thought of again, until Rick and Morty made it viral in 2017. Through the powers of the internet, McDonald's decided to release the sauce to the public a few months ago, but severely underestimated the popularity and they ran out worldwide after only a few minutes.

Now, McDonald's has just made 20 million packets of sauce - and I have two of them!

I attempted to create the Szechuan Sauce from the ingredients on the packet, and from the pioneers that have gone before me;

Binging with Babish -
& our friends;
Hellthy Junk Food -

The full recipe with ingredients will be in the description of this Sunday's Chicken McNuggets with Szechuan Sauce video! Stay tuned!

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