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Mud Fire, despite what the name might suggest, is not quite a game about mud nor is it about fire. Rather, it's a great-looking off-road 3D racer, and more than just looking good, it plays great as well.

At first glance, it's fairly easy to tell that Mud Fire is easily a cut above the rest when it comes to free racers. It's also safe to say that it doesn't disappoint in that regard and is a great game.

First off, the graphics of Mud Fire are excellent. The models of all of the different cars and trucks are great; they're detailed, they look realistic, and they animate nicely. More than that, the different vehicles also change in appearance depending on the damage they've been dealt, not something you often see in racers like this. As your ride gets further damaged, it may even start to burn (well, "fire" had to enter in someplace) and the fire animation is at par with animations you'd see in non free to play games. In addition to the rides, the terrain is brilliant. It's dirty, it's gritty, and it evokes the feel of an off-road race brilliantly. Granted, the terrain might not be quite as detailed or varied as the rides, but you're here to race not to look at the scenery.

Keeping up with the level of quality provided by the graphics, the audio rocks out at the top of its game as well. The music fits in well with the off-road, no-holds-barred, racing style of the game and puts one in the mood for some breakneck driving. The sound effects match up well, and every single crunch upon impact, each sharp and grueling turn, and every rev of the engine can be heard here.

The controls are pretty much what you'd expect from a racer like this, and people who enjoy racing games should feel right at home. Granted, it may take some getting used to at first, especially in terms of dealing with all the bumps and dips on the track and not spinning out of control, but for the most part the game handles easily enough.

Where the game really shines, even more so than its graphics, is the gameplay. In a word, the game is hard. The AI is tough and will not hold back from ramming you in order to get into first place. As if that wasn't bad enough, the tracks almost seem to be actively competing against you with their treacherous terrain, terrifying turns, and other alliterative descriptions that allude to how hard it is. It's a tough challenge just to keep in the race, and even more to be able to hit first.

All in all, Mud Fire is great game that offers some great challenge. It'll keep you entertained for hours, and is definitely worth your time.

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