Most HEAVILY Guarded Homes In The WORLD!

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Check out the most heavily guarded homes in the world! This top 10 list has some of the highest security places that exist right now on earth. Good luck getting in!

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9. The Zombie Bunker
In a world where The Walking Dead is one of the biggest TV shows on Earth, you might think that there are people crazy enough to want to build their own zombie shelter should the worst come to pass. would be right in making that assumption. In fact, not only does such a shelter exist, it exists in a place you might not expect: London, England.

8. Bill Gates’ Home
Ah, Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, the owner of DOS, one of the masterminds behind the Xbox, and one of the most charitable men on the planet. Gates has a reputation for being kind and generous, and wants to help the world however he can. But, that doesn't mean he wants people invading his privacy and invading his massive mansion.

7. Fair Field Estate
From one rich mogul to another, we now head to the Hamptons. For those who don't know, this is where a lot of wealthy New Yorkers and other rich people go to during the Summer months to get away from it all. All these rich people need security. As a side note, this area was the "setting" of the hit USA TV show Royal Pains, and they did a good job interpreting how rich and lavish some of the people in the Hamptons are, but, nothing compares to the Fairfield Estate in terms of both lavishness and security.

6. The Kardashians
The life of celebrities can be a bit complicated, full of pitfalls and dangers that us "common folk" can't understand. While they seem to want to be showered with attention and share all their private details with the world, at the same time they are adamant about their safety and their privacy. Only the best of the best in security guards are allowed to work at the Kardashian manor.

5. The Corbi Family Residence
We've already seen just how far certain rich people will go to protect themselves, but in the case of the Corbi Family, they take things really far. This place is a fortress!! SAFE security firm founder Al Corbi built the house in 2001. SAFE is short for Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments so of course his house has to be good!!

4. Ryongsong Residence
When you're the leader of a country that isn't quite well respected, you better believe that you need a good security system. And in the case of North Korea, especially in light of recent events, that need for security has never been higher. Yet, ruler Kim Jong Un has done very well in making the home of the Royal Family of North Korea very secure. Ryongsong Residence is nearly impenetrable.

3. The Maximum Security Mansion
Ok, let's be honest here, if you live in a place that is called the "Maximum Security Mansion", it better live up to the hype. And this one most certainly does. Located in Evergreen, Colorado, this mansion is without a doubt one of the most secure buildings on the planet. The cost of protecting this 32-acre estate comes in at around $6 million dollars. That's a lot of protection, but then again, there's a lot to protect.

2. The White House
Is it really a surprise that the place where the President of the United States lives is on this list? Because it shouldn't be. The White House is one of the most secure places on the planet. It has now housed 45 different Presidents, and through the centuries of its existence it's grown and evolved into one of the safest buildings ever. Which, again, makes sense, as it houses one of the most important people in the world.

1. Buckingham Palace
God save the Queen. In this case, literally. Much like the White House, Buckingham Palace is a popular tourist destination, but don't let that fool you, this place is one of the most heavily guarded places in the world. And despite some scares and breaches of security (on a small scale), its defenses have never truly been breached.

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