Teaser Dead Cells 'The Bad Seed' DLC - Coming Q1 2020!

04 Dec 2019 00:37 308
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The Bad Seed DLC will bring two new early game biomes and a fear-bringing boss for you to bash your head against, at least until you’re steamrolling it to death in 3 seconds flat and back to demanding more content...

We’ll reveal more gameplay details as we get closer to launch but we’re excited to present our first paid DLC available Q1 2020 for $4.99 and regional equivalents on PC and consoles. The proceeds from the sale of the DLC will help support the development of the game, allowing the team to go forward with all of the ideas that we’ve got in our heads, continuing to produce free content, fixes and updates, while also ensuring that Motion Twin have the time to build their next game at the level you’ve come to expect from them.

As usual we’ll be doing the development iteratively in conjunction with the community, so please do hit us up in the comments, head over to Reddit and Discord to let us know what you think

Music by: Yoann "Valmont" Laulan https://valmontderagondas.bandcamp.com
Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1204130/Dead_Cells__The_Bad_Seed

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