In 'Walkout' march, Brown University students voice social concerns

18 Nov 2016 01:27 0
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Students engaged in a large march and rally on campus Nov. 16, one of several around the country, to express concern for students whom they see as marginalized after a divisive election season.

Clad mostly in black, hundreds of Brown University students were joined Wednesday afternoon by members of the local community in marching through the central part of campus to University Hall, Brown’s central administration building.

The event, organized via social media with the #OurCampus hashtag, was one in a series of college and university campus “walkouts” around the country this week. Organizers said on a Facebook page that the march was “a walkout against white supremacy, xenophobia, classism, transphobia, sexism and other systems of oppression that now have a platform in this nation.”

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