How Will Darth Vader Return in Rogue One? - DRUNK MOVIE FIGHTS!!

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A Special Drunk Edition of Movie Fights!
Marc Andreyko (DC Comics), Alicia Malone (Profiles), and Hal Rudnick (ScreenJunkies) debate the following topics with judge Andy Signore (ScreenJunkies) and fact checker Dan Murrell (ScreenJunkies) for the week of 6/25/2016:

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0:04:31 Round 1) Describe the best way to incorporate Darth Vader into Star Wars Rouge One.

0:19:32 Round 2) What film would be most improved by making Nic Cage the lead?

0:28:59 Round 3) Surprise Fight! Fighters pick a fake movie title and 2 celebrity names out of the hat, then pitch that movie.

0:45:55 Round 4) Which iconic movie speech would be improved if the character delivering it was drunk?

1:07:00 Round 5) What movie is so bad that, if your significant other loved it, you'd have to break up with them?

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Andy Signore, Dan Murrell, & Ken Napzok

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