Butter Yao Hon or Hot Pot Dipping Sauce | វិធីធ្វើទឹកជ្រលក់គោឡើងភ្នំ

11 Jun 2016 07:03 163
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One of my most favorite and easy thing to serve to my guests is this butter pan Some people call it Butter Yao Hon. In Cambodia it is called Ko Laung Phnom. The grill used in Cambodia is usually a dome shape and thinly sliced beef is cook, hence the name Ko Laung Phnom which means cow climbing the mountain. Basically guests cook their choice of veggies, meats and seafood on the pan. The meat can either be plain or marinated. It's all preference. Butter is commonly used however olive oil is a healthier alternative for those interested.

This is a great social meal to enjoy and the possibilities of items to cook on the pan are endless.

I hope you try my recipe on your next gathering. Let me know how it goes. Share your photos with me on Facebook and Instagram.


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