Mustang LE Pinball Preview

15 Jul 2014 10:00 3
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Here's an early look at Stern Pinball's Mustang Limited Edition from The Pinball Wizard Arcade in Pelham New Hampshire. At the time I shot this video owner Sarah just got the game in so it didn't have the most up to date code and was only running version 1.0

The Limited Edition and Premium models of Ford Mustang include a couple of added features not found on the standard Pro model. One major new feature is a cross ramp that will feed the ball to the right flipper off the left ramp that's not found on the Pro. The LE's also include more licensed music tracks, "Caution" drop targets that pop up in the middle of the playfield, an auto launcher, toy cars on the ramps and the middle Mustang model is now on a "Showroom" style stand that spins around. (Some people found this confusing because sometimes the toy will actually block the "Mustang Shop" scoop to progress.)

Unfortunately since the game wasn't updated I can't really add much about the new version of the game. Version 1.0 is missing a lot of animation and gameplay rules that Stern has been adding in so I can't really give the game a review until I play the game again after it's been updated to the most recent code. Whenever I see it again I'll make sure to get a new video of it with the newest code!

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