7 Types of Unhealthy Crushes

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Do you have a crush on someone, and wonder if it's an unhealthy or a healthy crush? Here are seven types of unhealthy crushes! It does not matter if you have a crush on a K-Pop idol, your friend, or your neighbor; you should always consider whether or not it is a healthy or an unhealthy crush. A crush can be unhealthy if you crush on someone who is already in a relationship, or if you crush on someone who is too old or young for you. It is unhealthy if your crush becomes an obsession. Also, it is not a good idea to develop a crush on someone who treats you badly, or if you crush on an ex. We also advise against crushing on someone in a long distance relationship, when you are not ready to commit to the circumstances. It also is not fair to your partner if you crush on someone when you are already in an exclusive relationship.

You might find yourself having a healthy crush! Find out by watching our video on the 7 Types of Healthy Crushes:


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