JKD Legend Chris Kent World of Martial Arts Magazine

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JKD Legend Chris Kent World of Martial Arts Magazine

We presented Chris Kent with his copy of World of Martial Arts Magazine that features his awesome article about the claim that Bruce Lee's martial art has been made up of other arts.

World of Martial Arts Magazine ALSO ​FEATURES over 60 pages of quality articles, over 60 full color pages;

​​True or Myth?..... A 92yr old Karate Black Belt vs 30yr old Pro Boxer? Who Won? by Joel Reeves

​Insider Hacks for a BJJ White Belt? by John B Will

What's at the Heart of Wing Chun? by Master Samuel Kwok

What About BJJ and MMA Legends Renato Laranja & Neil Melanson?

​Self Defense Problems Solved with Master Wong

What the Truth Behind the Fight Between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man? by Peter Jagger

11 Hacks to Improve Your Seminar Training Techniques​​ by Tim Becherer

What is the Secret Of Martial Arts? by Lak Loi


​How To Increase Your Speed & Power in Taekwondo by Bob Hardin

​What Came Before the UFC? by Jake Shannon

​What is Aikido? Where did it Start and Evolve? by Bob Jones

​What does it mean to be a Female Ninja? by Hiromi Goto Renner

How to Get Power in Tai Chi? by Steve Rowe

Classic Jackie Chan is reborn on BluRay, ​we review the magnificent Police Story 1 & 2, City Hunter, & Project A 1 & 2

​Is Your Judo or BJJ Unbalanced? by Neil Adams

​What's the latest Bruce Lee news in Jun Fan Journal? What is Tarantino doing? by Andrew Staton

What is the Power of Xing Yi Quan? by Jonathan Bluestein

The DIGITAL version is here;

The PRINT version is here;

Thanks to Andy Gibney for hosting Chris Kent.

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