BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Sanders Shares Pic of Pie She Made for Holidays, Immediately Sparks a Fire...

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BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Sanders Shares Pic of Pie She Made for Holidays, Immediately Sparks a Firestorm.

While countless images of homemade

Thanksgiving treats made the rounds

on social media this week,

it was White House press

secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ pie

that ruffled feathers.

On Thanksgiving Day, Sanders shared

an image of her pie

on Twitter with the caption,

’’I don’t cook much these

days, but managed this Chocolate

Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving at

the family farm!’’

But April Ryan, a White

House correspondent from American Urban

Radio Networks and a political

analyst for CNN, doubted Sanders

had actually baked the pie.

’’Show it to use on

a table,’’ Ryan tweeted in

response to Sanders.
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Perhaps due to the fact

that the pie was featured

against a white background, many

on Twitter seemed to share

Ryan’s sentiments.

Some users chimed in to

say they believed the photo

was really a stock image.

A few people used stock photos

to make their own humorous holiday


Despite a widespread rumor that

the image originally came from

PBS, no evidence has been

offered to support that claim.

According to Gizmodo, a reverse image

search reveals Sanders was the

first to upload the image


After the public responded, Ryan

was back on the case,

lightheartedly asking for another image

of the pie.

’’I am not trying to

be funny but folks are

already saying #piegate and #fakepie

Show it to us on

the table with folks eating

it and a pic of

you cooking it. I am

getting the biggest laugh out

of this. I am thankful

for this laugh on Black

Friday!’’ she tweeted.

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Sanders responded to the controversy

with an offer to bake

another pie for Ryan next

David W. Sanders, the press

secretary’s brother-in-law, also decided to

weigh in on the matter,

saying he had conducted an

interview to verify the origin

of the pie.

’’Breaking on #piegate can verify

based on multiple interviews that

sis-in-law did bake pie and

that it was ’yummy,’’’ he

In a separate reply to

Ryan, David Sanders added that

he asked the press secretary’s

daughter about the matter, though

she declined ’’further comment as

Paw Patrol was on.’’

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