Doing a Pull in a Shelby Cobra - SKUNK LIFESTYLE EPISODE 16

05 Aug 2018 16:42 69
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Hello One and All! This Weekends Episode will be maybe one of Our Short and Spicy ones. The Long Weekend is here and i managed to use it to get a break from the hustle and bustle but you know We couldn't or wouldn't leave our Viewers Hanging, So i called up a Good friend of mine and said lets do a nice Vlog.

Well whats there to say but Wow! You can find the Owner of this machine cruising around town most weekends with the Top Down and his Son rolling shotgun by his side. Lemme introduce you all to Craig Phang Sang a true Auto Enthusiasts representing all the Vintage Muscle car lovers Locally and World Wide. This Shelby Cobra is packing a V8 Punch like no other and I for one was blessed enough to go for a spin in it.

Really Hope you enjoy this Weekends Episode!

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