Start Your Career Since Early Stages | Mustafa Alghali | TEDxYouth@NileStreet

30 Nov 2016 20:39 13
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we are 7 billions human beings, jobs competitions are becoming hell, distractions are everywhere, and Motivation is a must but it's not enough anymore, many of us don't know how to shape the landmarks of their dream career neither making steps towards its realization, and some of us killed them since the early childhood, Mustafa shows how keep dreaming isn't a luxuary if you can balance your qualification and career development skills.

An electric engineer student at University of Khartoum. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia.

He has engaged in the entrepreneurship field since his first college year. He has established a programming development company in 2014, and another one in the e-learning field. He's also worked as a research intern in computer vision and machine learning in different countries such as Singapore, U.S, and South Africa. He has been nominated to participate in the entrepreneurship summit that was held in vision valley U.S

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